Frequently asked questions

Zero Back Spin and Immediate Forward roll are bold statements!
What proof do you have ?

The Harmonix Live Head Putter was tested in Canada by both Trackman and Quintec and again in the UK by Dr. Paul Hurrion, Quintecs founder. The results were astonishing!

What other tests have you done?

The Quintic results were as impressive as the Trackman results. The highspeed video clearly shows immediate forward roll. Zero back-spin. No other putter in the world has this unique advantage.

Where can I buy one?

These are not for sale yet!
Doing a global launch requires a lot of money. WSe are working with sophisticated investors now and expect to go into limited production in the spring for pre-orders and limited on-line sales.
We do not expect to sell through conventional retail at this time.

If bought on-line, how do I determin what model is best for me?

Most golfers know what weight and length they prefer. In this case you have a choice of 350 gram or 400 gram head/hosel weights. Due to the unique shaft design, the grip area is not tapered. The grip is a consistent size the entire length of the grip section. There will be a standard choice of lengths. In addition, Harmonix has designed different grip profiles to fit individual user preference. These profiles are designed to maintain the tactile 'feel' of the ball strike.