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This is a powerful tool in anyone's bag!

These live-head putters are deadly accurate when played correctly. The sound made by these beautiful putters is soft and warm - just enough to hear that crucial MOI. That is the moment you will experience the natural sound - and feel - that has been missing from any putter you have ever used before.

Use your Senses:

Until Harmonix, the sense of sight has been the only thing you have had to rely on. We all see where the ball goes after striking the ball, then it's simply stand back and hope you got it right. Sight is not the only sense required to get the job done. Adding the senses of sound and touch to your arsenal will expand your natural ability for spatial analysis which in turn will greatly improve your chances of getting the ball where you meant it go - and look good doing it too!

Harmonix© 'Live-Head' Putters:

The patent-pending 'Live-Head' Putter is based on an ancient design using twin arms machined from a solid brass ingot. Not cast! As simple as it may appear to be, the physics behind the design are far more impressive than any other putter available on the market today.

The Harmonix Live-Head is 'face balanced'

Another unique benefit of the design is that the Live-Head maintains its 'face-balance' after impact - and continues into the follow through. In fact; the design is so perfect, the head will continue to vibrate for a full minute if left alone.

Dorn Beattie

Founder, Imagineer, Musician, Song Writer, Designer

Back Swing Balance: As with any face-balanced putter, the Harmonix head maintains equal balance between the toe and heel on the back swing. The user is not impaired by heel and/or toe weighting. The user is off to a proper start.

Forward Swing & Harmonix Balanced Momentum:

Having an equally balanced head at the pinnacle of the back-swing sets up the proper forward motion for correct alignment to the ball prior to impact.

Moment of Impact (MOI):

At the Moment of Impact, the parallel arms are set into equal opposing motion as rapid vibration, the tone is heard and the vibration is felt within the shaft by the user. The Harmonix Live-Head maintains the balance between the heel and toe ensuring the ball gets started in the desired direction with zero backspin and immediate roll.


The vibration of the head increases slightly after the MOI which amplifies the balance. This phenomenon is the result of the equal opposing vibration between the twin rails of the head. Similar to the way a gyroscope seems to create its own balance regardless of gravity (see Coriolis Effect and the Physics of Gyroscopes) The Harmonix Live-Head maintains equal balance between the head and toe after the MOI allowing the user to maintain a smooth follow through that does not cause the ball to be jarred off line at MOI. You already know that even a quarter of a degree off at MOI could result in many inches off line depending on the distance.

One putter - One loft?

Not with Harmonix! The unique 3/5 degree dual-loft face delivers Zero backspin and amazing roll characteristics under almost any green condition. 


Harmonix Catapulting Effect. An important topic in any 'putter' discussion is roll. How quickly, how smoothly, roll is achieved with minimum bounce. The catapulting lift of the Harmonix Live-Head putter puts it at the head of the class in achieving great roll characteristics.

A Sound Idea!

When the ball is struck, the Harmonix Live-Head resonates at a frequency that produces a soft musical tone. Different head weights produce different notes. Each note is the right size and weight to match the design without having a large chunk of metal or something that looks like a spaceship stuck to the end of an off-the-rack stainless steel shaft.

As the user learns how to play the Harmonix Live-Head Putter, the volume of the sound will improve muscle memory in the same way a guitarist senses how hard to strike a chord to achieve the volume of sound desired. In musical terms, swing weight could be translated to 'Pianissimo or Fortissimo or Marcato'. Practiced musicians instinctively know the power required to achieve the volume they want. Precise muscle memory. In golf terms: Volume = Distance.

Hosels are Hard:

The patent-pending 'square peg in a round hole' design allows the subtle tonal vibration of the Live-Head to travel up the shaft and into the hands, giving the player immediate sensory feedback. The hosels are machined from the same brass alloy as the head and are initially milled in a CNC lathe as one straight piece. They are then cold formed in a special machine developed by Harmonix that loads the straight hosel, and then does simultaneous compound bends to create the work-hardened finished product. The bending process has the effect of hardening the brass, making it more rigid. This process called 'work hardening' ensures that the Hosel will retain its shape and specifications after years of use. Hosels are available in left, right or zero offset. Whether you are left or right handed the precision tuned mirrored faces of the Live-Head will produce the same musical note.

Harmonix Laminated Hardwood Shafts:

The patent-pending laminated hardwood shaft design is as strong and effective as it is beautiful. Each shaft is hand crafted in true Luthier fashion from beautiful exotic hardwoods gathered from the world over.

The lamination and construction process is much the same as that of fine musical instruments. Each shaft is a combination of two or more contrasting hardwoods and reinforced with a Titanium truss rod - just like the neck of a fine guitar. This rod is used to mechanically fasten the patented hosel to the shaft. The lamination combats any natural tendency of the wood to move or warp. The Titanium rod adds great strength while reducing the weight of the shaft and keeping the swing weight to the lowest point.

Possible Health Benefit of Harmonix Shaft Design:

Yips is a common affliction amongst golfers. Tiger Woods and many other well known Golfers suffer from the effects of Yips. According to Dr. Patrick Cohn of Peak Sports, Yips can contribute up to 4.7 strokes to your score card. (reference here)

Are Harmonix Live-Head' Putters a cure for Yips? Time will tell!

One of the unique features of the amazing shaft design is the uniform size of the entire grip area. No matter where you grip your Harmonix Live-Head Putter, the comfortable size is equal for both hands. We believe that this added comfort creates a natural and more confident grasp and will help lower your score and maybe cure or prevent the Yips. There is no grip! We believe that adding any unnatural substance between your hand and the putter distances you from feeling the MOI. The added benefit of this direct contact with the shaft, and in essence the ball, is that the user will naturally relax their grip, holding the shaft gently. A firm or tense grip is not necessary. We encourage users to remove their glove(s) and simply focus on the feel and sound. Get in touch with the ball.

The standard models are:

"Purple Heart" - The main shaft is made from two back-to-back (butterflied) layers of Purple Heart wood, a naturally purple hardwood from Brazil. A third contrasting laminate of Canadian Maple is then inserted. Absolutely gorgeous!

"Wenge" - The main shaft is made from two back-to-back (butterflied) layers of Wenge, a naturally Black hardwood from Africa. A third contrasting laminate of American Hickory is then inserted. Very masculine looking. The black on black is very powerful!

"Old Hickory" -The main shaft is made from two back-to-back (butterflied) layers of American Hickory, a naturally golden toned hardwood traditional in the game of golf. A third contrasting laminate of Rosewood is then inserted. An elegant touch of tradition and beauty.

​Harmonix design:

We believe the amazing Live-Head putter will improve any golfers game. Putting is about confidence, patience, focus, practice and of course, the right tool for the job. A Putter requires balance, feel and a scientifically proven face design that achieves perfect roll without initial back spin. We Believe the Harmonix Live~Head Putter is the only choice! It has perfect balance and the unique 3/5 degree Dual-Loft head design. Our design is also based on the ancient Golden Ratio (Φ) and the musical tones produced have a soothing harmonic frequency that is in perfect harmony, thereby allowing the player to retain their poise, confidence and calm and still have as many clubs in the bag at 18 as at tee off. Nothing wrong with that - and the science behind the design is as natural as gravity itself. If Sir Isaac Newton played golf, we're pretty sure this would be his putter of choice.

Editors Note:

If you know Tiger, let him know he needs this putter. He was under contract with Nike, but he needs a Harmonix Live-Head Putter!