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Each hardwood we choose is based on the beauty of its grain and its hardness rating according to the 'Janka Scale'. The exotic hardwood shaft is slightly oversized and carved to ergonomically fit the human hand with a consistant circumference to a typical putter, which helps stabilize your stroke by equalizing your left and right hand grip whilst minimizing wrist movement. The delicate natural wood grip with smooth flat face affords a comfortable and stable grip which naturally creates confidence and certainty to the stroke.

The responsive 'Live-Head' telegraphs the impact (MOI) on the ball up the shaft to your hands which delivers an extra sensory effect on the putting stroke and promotes a smooth tempo through sound and feel. The warm natural touch of the exotic wood shaft optimizes feel while accenting the 'live' head sensation. 

Note: Each shaft is as unique as you are!

No two Harmonix Live~Head Putters will be the same due to the color combinations and grain patterns of each individual piece.

USA: Delaware
Canada:  Vancouver
UK: London