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The Newest Sound In Golf!

Calgary, Canada -April 24, 2017 - Harmonix Golf Inc. is pleased to introduce its line of 'Live Head' Putters, the most scientifically advanced putter design since 1959. What's different about the Harmonix Golf Live Head Putter - EVERYTHING!

2017 becomes another milestone in golf history with the introduction of the Harmonix Live Head putter that is based on the Harmonix parallel arms design that launches the ball with zero back spin and rapid pure roll, ensuring the trajectory is not corrupted. The ball goes where you aim it - period! The Harmonix Live Head Putter has a dual loft face, 'dedicated' lie and is face-balanced. A steady vibration is established after the strike causing an audible tone and the pendulum weighting aids in a smooth follow through that discourages deceleration before impact.

The Harmonix Live Head putter is a beautiful putting instrument that incorporates several types of exotic hardwoods in the triple laminated shaft design reinforced with a pure titanium rod that extends the entire length. The all wood grips are warm and natural to the touch and a fraction of the weight of ordinary shafts.

The key advantage of the Harmonix Live Head Putter is that it works! It has been designed to deliver better and more consistent results with the added benefit of sensory feedback of sight, sound, touch and feel. All of these features combine to create a natural, synergistic experience for the user that enhances the ability to significantly reduce putts. 

"Not only beautiful to look at, these 'Live Head' putters are deadly accurate when played correctly. The sound made by these exquisite putters is soft and warm - just enough to hear that crucial MOI. That is the moment you will experience the natural sound - and feel - that has been missing from any putter you have ever used before " said Dorn Beattie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Harmonix Golf Inc.

About Harmonix Golf
Calgary, Alberta, Canada based Harmonix Golf Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures the Harmonix Live Head putter for global distribution and is currently developing a mobile golf training aid. For more information please visit harmonixgolf.com

Phone: 1-888-685-1888

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Canada:  Vancouver
UK: London

Email: info@harmonixgolf.com